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Creative awareness and hope

What is creative awareness?

Creative Awareness is all about projects, designs or ideas influenced or born from a creative desire to make a difference and a change. It is about sustainability, gratitude, paying it forward, giving and creating with a mindset beyond that of selling a concept or idea. It is when awareness, responsibility, actions, manifestation, emotions and creativity meets. Creative awareness may occur by itself or it may occur during creative processes that will bring attention upon a matter so important that we have to take action. Creative awareness have the power to transform situations, thoughts or mindsets that needs our attention. In this category I will be introducing the concept of Creative Awareness through projects or ideas. When it inspires you, you just can not, not make the project – you will feel devoted and committed to the project by creative force. And may that force be with you :)

Creating a change

A couple of years ago I was travelling in Mexico for 3 months. It was a great experience which led to a lot of new friendships and great meetings. One of these being a meeting with the owner of a retreat center positioned at a very secluded beach away from all the attention of popular tourism. The retreat spot was a very inspirational place to be a part of for me and made me engage in a creative writing proces. Every morning and afternoon at the retreat spot I would go for a walk at the beach to get some excercise and clear my thoughts after writing all day. During my walks on the beach I was surprised and sadened by the amounts of plastic bottles, shoes, syringes, medicine bottles and other plastic or glass items that covered the beach. It was not possible for me to walk by it day after day and do nothing about it.

So I started collecting some of the garbage on my walks and would at times drag really heavy bags of garbage around. It seemed like the ocean threw more up upon the beach each night as if to say: thanks for cleaning up – here’s more….. So I got to work and started collecting more. It influenced others from the retreat to do the same and soon the beach looked great.

After a while some of the locals would stop me on the beach to thank me. They had seen me from their houses and seen how I collected garbage on their beach. Today the locals meet up 2-4 times a year to collect garbage and clean the beach. I am so proud to have had that impact on others – but how is that Creative Awareness?

It was like a cleanse in my creative space and aura while living at the retreat and somehow I needed a cleanse as well in my creativity. I had gone through 8 weeks of sudden breakdowns on my computer until the computer at last gave in and I lost more than 1.000 photos from my trip. A creative gridlock I had to shake free from in order to become inspired again and get my creative hunger and self confidence back.

Along the way a new project of creative awareness was growing bigger in my thoughts, emotions and dreams. They were inspired by sea turtles.
A creative awareness project

Sea turtles

During my travel in Mexico I had some very unique experiences with turtles – one turtle was laying eggs just when I got to the beach. It was still on the beach and I got some really great photos of the animal. Later on in Tulum a sea turtle nest was hatching on the beach at my first night of arrival. One of the waiters at the hotel came to wake me up in the middle of the night, to see the great sight. I feel that the Ocean payed me back tenfold or more.

Through my creative thoughts and take on the Ocean I was granted experiences that helped me make a photographic exhibition about turtles. An exhibition to inform and create awareness about the sea turtles.

Building creative awareness

Creative awareness is about listening to our inner voice. It will tell us what our deepest beliefs are and which projects are important to us. Sometimes to find them we do need to go through some creative processes and tools to evoke creative awareness. We don’t have to travel across the ocean to experience it and we will be able to keep our day job meanwhile.

Creative awareness masters:
Keith Haring
more to come….

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