Keith Haring and creative awareness

Keith Haring exhibition de Young Museum

The Political Line

– was the name of a Keith Haring exhibition at de young museum in San Francisco. An interesting exhibition that gave new life to the works of Keith Haring.

The exhibition showed a great variety of his political work – was there ever work that was not political in some way? His (Untitled) Free South Africa poster is known worldwide and remains today a symbol of the proces and fight to regain freedom in South Africa. Keith Haring decided to hand out the posters (for free) during a demonstration against apartheid. He knew and understood how to make money from his work and met critic often for being too commercial. He never thought it wrong to earn money – and good money – from his art. Yet he gave so much to others as well. His work was and still remains iconic to the street art style that travels so well with time just like good design will do.

The Political Line

His work has attitude and shows his perspective, beliefs, emotions and lifestyle without fear. He was proud to be gay and proud to fight the battles of the suppressed – whether it be humans, nature or animals. He had Creative Awareness and tried in many ways to affect a change in what he found needed to change.

de Young Museum

Je suis Charlie

A political approach or emphasis on art and graphic work has perhaps never been more explicit and worldspread as is now. I strongly believe that Keith Haring would have loved this time when you post your work on twitter, instagram and facebook. We can only speculate as to what he would contribute with on the Charli Hebdo ‘Je suis Charlie’ social activity feeds. He would most certainly have had a piece of work out there to share and I would have loved to see it.

Several artists contributed with ‘Je suis Charlie’ work to like and share on the social media – calligraphist and handletterer Seb Lester shared a video and Banksy shared a graphic art work.

Keith Haring died of AIDS in 1990 just 31 years of age.

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