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CorePower YOGA studio is a really nice hot power yoga studio situated in several towns and states in America. I visited the North Park studio in San Diego. Find their location here on corepoweryoga.com

Right now CorePower offers a week of free yoga classes to new students which is exactly enough time to try out some different classes and get a good idea of how the workout is at CorePower.

corepower yoga studio in North Park

The power of graphics

When I arrived to San Diego I was on the look-out for a yoga studio and the town offers several opportunities. CorePower was the one that really stood out as an interesting studio because of the brilliant name: core power really says it all – but I also chose them for their consistent graphic line: the logo is printed on their rentable yoga mats, on the swipe-through membership card and on several other items. the studios are new and so well designed and you feel welcome immediately as you walk into the studio.

The shop in the studios offer a great variety of yoga outfits and different fashionable, yogic items such as a lovely pink peace bracelet as seen on their instagram page:

Are you a last minute shopper like most of us? Don’t stress. Stop by our studios for great finds for your favorite yogi.

Et billede slået op af CorePower Yoga (@corepoweryoga) den

The CorePower yoga studio offers beginning power yoga, heated power yoga intro, hot power yoga, hot power fusion, restorative yoga, yoga sculpt and heated power yoga with weights. A great combination where you may choose the 1.0, the 1.5 or the 2.0 class which tells you a bit about the strength of the poses and the heat of the room. Every class ends with a nice stretch and a couple of minutes to relax.

The power of ujjayi

CorePower yoga studio is practicing the benefits from the ancient yogic ujjayi breath technique but you are welcome to leave it out, if you prefer so. However the ujjayi breathing will help energize and relax your body at the same time. I find that sometimes when I am very focused on the poses I drop out of ujjayi breathing and that whenever a pose demands a lot of physical power, the ujjayi breath helps me build up extra strength for the pose. The instructors at CorePower are really great at assisting your focus upon the ujjayi breathing technique when the pose demands a little extra strength.

But as mentioned you are welcome to leave it out – in general the studio is pretty relaxed and easy-going, so if you want to take a break during the yoga or just need to lie down and relax a little bit, it is welcomed. There is no pressure to strain your energy off balance.

The power of privacy

Each class opens with a request to raise your hand if you do not want guidance or help in your positions during the yoga class. this gives you the chance to be left alone on days where you might feel a little fragile or introvert and it is an absolutely great idea. It saves you from having to notify the teacher yourself.

The studio at North Park even has private showers with a frosted glass door to give you the ultimate privacy during your shower.

The power of Om and Namaste

Eventhough CorePower is somewhat spiritual in their yoga practice and use terms such as the beautifull Om in their marketing and the great Namaste as the farewell greeting after every class, the spiritual never becomes the main focus. The main focus is the yoga poses and the yoga practice. Some instructors highlight the yogic living outside the studio more than others so it is all about finding the balance that suits you, or vary from whatever fits your mood.

While I was in San Diego I attended a class with focus upon the chakra system – a highly spiritual energy system – which may be awakened and strengthened by yoga, meditation, diet, colors and several other practices. The main focus for the class was however at all times on the physical poses more than on the awakening of the chakra energy. I like to combine the “lightly” spiritual with the physical and the mental. I also like to have my own space to practice the power of the deep spiritual experiences. Therefore CorePower is perfect in my book. Sadly there is no studio in Denmark – yet?

Visit the website: corepower YOGA
Follow corepower on Instagram here.

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