Dairy product detective

Non-homogenized, organic, fat-free milk

Finding the right milk

Dairy products are very different from country to country and it may take a little while to find the perfect product for your taste. To me dairy products such as milk is really a question of habitual taste. Don’t give up on the hunt for the right dairy product.

The variety of milk and dairy products are big in America where it is quite common to add vitamins and minerals to the milk. Any additions as such are however always printed on the carton or bottle. Being from Europe where legislations ever since the 70s have ruled against added vitamins and minerals to dairy products, I am of course a bit sceptic. Today things are changing however and several products now have added vitamins in Denmark as well.

Selection of dairy products

Cream or milk?

In Denmark we normally get milk to go with our coffee but some of the slightly older generations might prefer cream in their coffee and therefore perhaps also serve that with the coffee when having guests. Others simply like cream a lot better in their coffee but might on a daily basis choose milk over cream of health reasons more than taste.

In America the ‘half and half’ is commonly served with your coffee and often you have to specifically ask for plain milk, to get the taste you are looking for.

Half and half dairy product

I love my coffee to have added a non-fat, organic and non-homogenized milk if possible. If not available I can go with other versions but I do like my milk to taste like milk and honestly a good deal of dairy products do not taste natural at all. I guess the most natural would be warm or at least have a top layer of cream and in that aspect the fat-free would never exist……..

The hunt

After an intense search in the dairy sections of many, many supermarkets I found the brand to match my needs and tastebuds to be non-fat, non-homogenized, organic, grass-milk from Organic Valley. It tastes exactly like non-fat and natural milk or at least like the Danish skim milk called ‘skummetmælk’. My American friends have remarked that it is more or less like drinking water, but there is actually a very fine taste of milk to it.

From out-of-town?

On my request for non-homogenized milk, the guy in the dairy product area said: “You must be from out-of-town because we never have requests like that here. It sounds European!”

Well the guy knows his stuff and he quickly showed me the brand that produce exactly what I was looking for. Whole Foods sell it.

Whole Foods dairy products

What about the newer hipster product called Skyr? I wonder if there might be a match that is somewhat similar?

Almond milk

If you have a soft spot for almond milk smoothies – go to recipes from Almond Breeze – California is the right place to be. The variety of almond milk products is great and at a very good price compared to Denmark. This is of course a state of almond crops and it is possible to find chocolate almond milk, icecream made from almond milk but also other dairy products made from almond milk. Just let the fun begin.

Almond milk products

Good luck on finding your products out there.

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