Ice cream sandwich cake

Miette in San Francisco
A drive up the west coast of California introduced me to a treat of an ice cream sandwich I will be longing after when going back home to Denmark. The ice cream will be fairly easy to find because the flavor is a hit worldwide. The sandwich bites will be a little more tricky to find.

The ice cream sandwich cake is made of two chocolate wafer cookies surrounding a wonderful chocolate flake, mint ice cream. The combination is just so good that I have to try to bake my own chocolate wafers at some point.

Carmela Ice Cream

This particular ice cream sandwich cakes were introduced to me by a local Los Angeles food lover and I am so glad she insisted on going to Carmela Ice Cream. There is a variety of flavors in their fridge so you might also find a delicious Salted Caramel chocolate wafer version. The ice cream from Carmela Ice Cream is a delightful and tasty experience in itself – but the wafer sandwich is especially a pleasant experience.

Another great flavor is the chocolate sorbet which I feared was a little bland and perhaps too light. It was not however…. it was exactly the way I prefer it rich, chocolate flavor without the creamy taste and feel.

Carmela Ice Cream has several locations in Los Angeles. They offer classes for the person who likes to learn how to make delicious ice cream or just needs a little inspiration to the usual recipes and some tricks from the pro.

Ice cream sandwich cake


The sandwiches are available in San Francisco at Miette in the Ferry Market Building. Find other locations at their website.

Order the chocolate wafers from Miette here (box of 4 servings = 8 wafers in total)

There are other flavors to get, such as:
Miette offers classes as well for the person Gingersnappers with crème fraiche but the Chocolate flake mint with chocolate wafer is superb and highly addictive.

Ice cream tip

Speaking of ice cream I heard along the coast, that Rocky Road is supposed to be really good with Balsamic Vinegar sprinkled over it. I will try it tonight and get back with a review.

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