Your Rainbow Panorama – ARoS

Aros - Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Your Rainbow Panorama

The rainbow is always in the sky in Aarhus, Denmark: the rainbow art piece called ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’ is made by Olafur Eliasson and becoming a stronger and stronger icon of Aarhus. Placed on top of ARoS – Aarhus Kunstmuseum (Art Museum) the rainbow is significant in the center when you arrive by train, bus, car or bike.

Your Rainbow Panorama

‘Your Rainbow Panorama’ during the construction when all the uniquely colored glass pieces were gently put in the right sections to create the perfect gradient transforming one color into the next.

Aros - Your Rainbow Panorama

Aros - Rainbow

Olafur Eliassons Rainbow

Whenever people are walking inside the rainbow they become an active part of the art piece because their silhouettes become strong graphic elements inside the rainbow.

Green area - Rainbow Panorama

Colors of the Rainbow Panorama - Aros

Aros on fire?

Smoke without a fire?

Don’t worry ARoS is not on fire. The smoke is simply pumped out the side of the building from another Olafur Eliason installation. ‘Your_atmospheric_colour_atlas’ room is part of the current ‘Out of The Darkness’ exhibition(started May 8.). The room is constantly filled with smoke to make a beautiful color experience more intense. Intense is an accurate description when you sense the colors in the room – a chance to face intensity.

A sign outside the room says that the room may have a very intense effect on the senses. The last pictures on this page shows the entrance to the room and a silhouette inside an intense pink-purple-ish gradient. Stunning.

ARoS - atmospheric color room

ARoS color room - intense

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