What is with the colored boxes in Aarhus?

Colored boxes from Adopt A Box

A walk down some of the smaller streets in the downtown area of Aarhus quite quickly reveals a concept of color, sustainability, life and urban gardening in the form of a wooden box created by Adopt a Box. The boxes serve as an offer of Hands-on Sustainability as some of the boxes state on a wooden sign. You find these wooden boxes outside some of the small shops and cafes especially in the streets called Mejlgade and Vestergade. The lids of the boxes may be passionate orange, hot pink or lime green and the colors certainly attracts your attention.

The content of the colored boxes in Aarhus
Eventhough the chosen colors of the boxes might be artificial there is nothing artificial about the content of the colored boxes. A closer look at the boxes reveals growing life and any day now you might get the first glimpse of what is inside these boxes. They contain a variety of edible plants: some might have potatoes and marigold, others have carrots, onions and garlic, and yet another has salad and herbs. As stated on their blog Adopt a Box “aims to cultivate the city centre by bringing edible plants into an urban setting” The idea is that a shop or a cafe adopts a box, waters the plants and becomes part of a society which reaps the harvest around autumn. Meanwhile the boxes offers a bit of nature for the bees and birds in the city. Visit their blog: Adopt a Box blog

For humans the design of the boxes serve multiple purposes: a greenhouse for edible plants, a bench in case you need a little rest, a convenient elevation of the foot if you need to tie your shoelace, a tray for your coffee if you suddenly need to get your hands free and of couse they bring color to the streets. Here you find a map of the postions of the colored boxes in Aarhus (from 2012): see the map


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