Life emerging – Adopt a box

Adopt a box - life emerging

Emerging urban green life

Summer is here, green life has emerged everywhere – even in the center of Aarhus where you find several ‘Adopt a Box’ boxes with all kinds of veggies coming to life. In a previous blogpost about ‘Adopt a Box’ I dived into the concept of the boxes: They contain a variety of plants: some might have potatoes and marigold, others have carrots, onions and garlic, and yet another has salad and herbs.

Adopt a box - a teabox

As stated on their blog Adopt a Box “aims to cultivate the city centre by bringing edible plants into an urban setting” The idea is that a shop or a cafe adopts a box, waters the plants and becomes part of a society which reaps the harvest around autumn. Meanwhile the boxes offers a bit of nature for the bees and birds in the city. Visit their blog: Adopt a Box blog

Adopt a Box boxes in Aarhus

Adopt a box in Aarhus - Red Box

Adopt a box - a green concept
I find that the boxes also serve as an educational topic for kids and parents who are aiming for knowledge about plants: how specific plants look, how they differ from eachother in looks, smell and taste and such information.

Adopt a Box in Botanical Garden amongst likeminded

Adopting boxes of life These photos inspired me to make a virgin mojito: mint leaves, lime juice, organic cane sugar, ice, a squeeze of ginger ale and mineral water. Mmm – so tasty.


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