Møllestien – a romantic street in Aarhus

Møllestien - a romantic street in Aarhus

Møllestien, as the romantic street is called in Danish is a small street in the center of Aarhus with houses in beautiful colors, quite picturesque as they line up on the narrow stonepaved street. Møllestien translates directly to The Mill Path telling that it was once leading to a mill: back in the days you found a watermill and a pond by the end of street right about the position of the public library today.

Having water so close by back then was fortunate for the inhabitants of the small street who were able to grow very nice crops in their small town gardens. Especially pears and radishes from this particular area were known to be exquisite.

Old street Møllestien in Aarhus

Møllestien - colorfull street in Aarhus C

One of the inhabitants, Per Hagbart Larsen, gathered in 1983 some historic facts about the small street in his book ’I og omkring Møllestien’ – a title which would translate to: ’In and about The Mill Path’. That is where I got the facts for this blogpost.

His book also presents facts of a convicted witch who lived in one of the houses in 1686. Eventhough she was convicted and probably went through torture and other horrific methods during her trial, she was luckily released after one month in prison eventhough she had been centenced to be burnt at the stake. A very fortunate outcome after all.

Møllestien Aarhus C

During time the houses have been rebuilt and in the 19th century most of them were bought by young families and students. They managed to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere with well kept houses in different colors.

Today the inhabitants of the street are used to the attention from tourists and qurious pedestrians strolling the small street. They come for the cuteness, romantic and historic information of the street. The houses change color every now and then but never loose that romantic and cozy atmosphere.

A must see when in Aarhus. Take a stroll towards or from aros and go downtown to the shopping streets through the romantic street.



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