#SoLoMo – are you social?

SoLoMo - social#SoLoMo

The first 2 letters in SEO buzzword #SoLoMo refers to the word “Social”. This week I attended a short but interesting seminar at Creuna Aarhus regarding SoLoMo. I will break the information gained into 3 articles since each topic in SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) is of importance.

Parts of the information given in the articles were inspired from the seminar at Creuna – while others are passed on exactly as they were given. Those will be statistics, names to follow and some bullit points of best practice and so on. Some stats. are from a Twitter webinar about Twitter Website Cards and Twitter for Businesses.

The Social aspect

SEO is no longer just about content, eventhough content is ranked highly and still King, as we have heard for many years now, it is still also about linkbuilding, pictures, relevance, structure, tags, titles, descriptions, and on-page SEO in the wide aspect. No news in that really, but it is even so, more and more getting focused upon communication in general – also off-page. That is communication on the social media as in your ability to engage into social media. Do you have followers, do they share your updates, articles and comments? Do people talk about your company and/or your services? Those aspects are not exactly new either.

What is somewhat more interesting is how reviews come in play and how Twitter, Wikipedia and My Business Info will influence the search results. Twitter images and photos will (again) turn up in Google searches and that information might just kickstart business into using Twitter on a more regular basis. I am adressing myself in this article as well since my Twitter account is often not active at all. If I had a webshop or even a physical shop I would however not hesitate in testing the Twitter Website Cards out.

Twitter Website Cards gets 43% more engagement than the regular tweets. They are a pay-per-click service. Here is an example of a Twitter Website Card from the webinar (#TwitterAcademy) that shows the building of a website card using Twitter Ads:

Twitter Website Card example

Are you social?

Do you create shareable content? It is still a bit in the dark to predict what users choose to share. You might have ideas and experience with it, but there is still surprises and trends that we can not foresee. Remember the social media hit The Fox by Ylvis from 2013?

Ylvis never expected or thought the song would become such a massive viral hit. But it did. The official music video has more than 493.000.000 views on youtube right now.

In Danish territory we have viral hits such as Chili Klaus who has posted footage of himself and guests eating really hot chilis. The chili tasting video from Chili Klaus that holds the highest number of views has Danish TV host ‘Bubber‘ as guest. It holds more than 1 mio views:

Another Danish viral hit is the Danish archer Lars Andersen who has reinvented the bow and arrow technique by studying old images and paintings of archers, heroes and even angels. The youtube video he uploaded showing his technique has given him social stardom with more than 28.000.000 views on youtube so far.

The reinvented bow and arrow technique by Danish Archer Lars Andersen has also taken him completely by surprise. He never thought the video would become such a viral hit:

Not Social, not Local and so-so Mobile

The whole idea of being social online to that extend does not charm me. But I have to take some considerations regarding the future of SEO. Is it a wise choice to deselect facebook in a social aspect? Or do I need to reconsider that choice? I should at least set up some SEO plans for my website and get the job done.

3 hot bullits from Creuna

# engage in social media
# share
# SEO is communication

The next ‘tech’ post on this page about #SoLoMo will be regarding Local and have more information on business pages and such.