Møllestien – a romantic street in Aarhus

Møllestien - a romantic street in Aarhus

Møllestien, as the romantic street is called in Danish is a small street in the center of Aarhus with houses in beautiful colors, quite picturesque as they line up on the narrow stonepaved street. Møllestien translates directly to The Mill Path telling that it was once leading to a mill: back in the days you found a watermill and a pond by the end of street right about the position of the public library today.

Having water so close by back then was fortunate for the inhabitants of the small street who were able to grow very nice crops in their small town gardens. Especially pears and radishes from this particular area were known to be exquisite.

Old street Møllestien in Aarhus

Møllestien - colorfull street in Aarhus C

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pukka tea – a colorful concept

pukka tea - a colorfull concept

One of my favorite tea brands is pukka tea by English Sebastian Pole. The colorful concept of pukka tea involves the enticingly designed boxes and the equally, beautiful designed bags. Both are a feast for the eyes. On this photo you find a variety of some of my absolute favourites in taste as well as in looks. Of course looks aren’t everything, the taste has to be as delightful as the design. And the taste certainly is – I have never tasted such good organic, herbal teas. The smell, the taste and the looks are intense so beware. The pukka teas are not at all like teas soaked in artificial flavors and smells. This is the real deal, organic herbs combined with ayurvedic knowledge. Læs mere / Read more


What is with the colored boxes in Aarhus?

Colored boxes from Adopt A Box

A walk down some of the smaller streets in the downtown area of Aarhus quite quickly reveals a concept of color, sustainability, life and urban gardening in the form of a wooden box created by Adopt a Box. The boxes serve as an offer of Hands-on Sustainability as some of the boxes state on a wooden sign. You find these wooden boxes outside some of the small shops and cafes especially in the streets called Mejlgade and Vestergade. The lids of the boxes may be passionate orange, hot pink or lime green and the colors certainly attracts your attention. Læs mere / Read more