#SoLoMo – are you local?

#SoLoMo - are you local?#SoLoMo

The second section of letters – Lo – in SEO buzzword #SoLoMo refers to the word “Local”. A few weeks ago I attended a short but interesting seminar at Creuna Aarhus regarding SoLoMo. I will break the information gained into 3 articles since each topic in SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) is of importance.

My first article was about Social refering to the first two letters in the term #SoLoMo – are you social?

Parts of the information given in the articles were inspired from the seminar at Creuna – while others are passed on exactly as they were given. Those will be statistics, names to follow and some bullit points of best practice and so on.

Below is a screenprint of the Creuna #SoLoMo presentation showing paid search, the Google Local 7-pack (depending on how specific your search is it might be 3-pack or more) and organic page ranking in a Google search. In this case the search criteria is “restaurant copenhagen”.

#SoLoMo local image from Creuna

The Local aspect

Being represented locally is important in the SEO aspect. For shops, museums, institutions, service providers and agencies it is not always a problem to be locally represented. The local aspect of #SoLoMo is however only possible if you have a physical address. Google search engine is looking for a physical representation of your company at Google Maps. Last year Google also introduced Google My Business – a social business profile and a way of mapping your company into the criterias of a Google search.

Google My Business page

With Google My Business you connect everything to the Google search – if you want. Google has created an app so you may manage on the go, access your insights and check your reviews.

Get the app in Appstore or Google Play

Is it yet another page to keep up-to-date and yet another social media to manage and maintain? No. When Google is making search criteria that ranks a Google My Business page it would be a mistake not to get one. Besides I strongly believe that it is just a matter of time before we don’t have company websites anymore, but mainly social profiles for our websites. The fashion industry, museums and institutions might have app’s, video channels and online showrooms instead of websites. If that will be the future we might as well join them now.

#SoLoMo - work in progress

Not Social, not Local and so-so Mobile

The whole idea of being ‘local’ online is somewhat a contradiction of the very idea of being mobile, isn’t it? We have to have a physical business address to optimize our SEO. How does that combine with a life in overall freedom and a constant urge to travel? Not so well.

Do I need good SEO? I don’t have a webshop or items for sale and therefore I could choose to not care about my SEO ranking. I would however like to be found in searches and get visits on my website, so I have to make some adjustments.

How is your SoLoMo?

Mine is not okay. Neither is my general SEO. I have to take some considerations and improvements. Here is what Creuna suggests in their presentation:

3 hot bullits from Creuna

# google my business page
# get your citation right (everywhere)
# get (good) reviews

Local practice from Creuna

# be visible on local search
# make sure your business info is consistent


The next ‘tech’ post on this page about #SoLoMo will be regarding Mobile and have more information on the mobile aspect.

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